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Detail shot of a vintage headlight.

Review: Canon EOS M10 – The little camera that could

I got my Canon EOS M10 mirrorless camera around middle of last year when I won it as grand prize for winning Canon’s Travel photography photo contest. Since that time I never did try to use it to test its capabilities and limitations. That opportunity came when I went to the Manila Auto Salon 2017 […]
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Fulfilling a bucket list

After the success of the movie The Bucket List, fulfilling one’s own has been trending. A bucket list is a set of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. So I was surprised when I got a message on my Facebook page asking me if she can schedule […]
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Shade on a sandbar

Traveling as a photographer

A veteran photographer that I follow to this day who once said that a photographer needs to travel even if you are not into travel photography. He said it changes our perspective as a photographer as it gives one the opportunity not only see but also learn from other cultures. The last time I was […]
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Bodyscape or low key body photography has always been one of my favorite themes when shooting artistic nudes. Whenever I have a model who is open to shooting artistic nude concepts I would always ask if we can do bodyscapes. I always like to highlight the beauty of the female form and bodyscape is one […]
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Taken down by Facebook

This photo was taken down by Facebook because it does not meet their Community Standards. I guess Facebook doesn’t know the story behind the photo and just took it down without even asking. Nudity The reason more than likely is that there is nudity in the photo. Though nudity is different from pornography. “pornographic material, […]