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Fulfilling a bucket list

After the success of the movie The Bucket List, fulfilling one’s own has been trending. A bucket list is a set of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. So I was surprised when I got a message on my Facebook page asking me if she can schedule a photo shoot with me so she can fulfill one achievement off her list. She saw some of my shots from one of my postings on a Facebook group. She then went to my page and took a chance to ask me if I would do a photo session with her.

Off her bucket list

Th perception was that I choose who I want to do a time-for-print (TFP) or x-deal session. I admit I do but I don’t base it just on the looks alone. Attitude is very important to me when I pick my model for a TFP session. I don’t want my TPF photo session to be taxing on both me and the model. My set are often light and relaxed during my photo shoots. I would often chat lengthily with the model or client to know them better. It is also during these chats that I would convey my set of requirements and what would happen during a photo session with me.

In this case she assured me that she is okay with all that. She was really thankful for the opportunity I gave her even if she does not have the looks of the models I usually shoot. I assured her that her attitude helped me decide to do a photo shoot with her. I would also want to help her ticked “having a sexy photo shoot” off her bucket list.

For a noble cause

I would once in a while get asked by my clients why I chose to focus on glamour photography. Main reason – women empowerment. Seeing the joy on their faces as they see it on the LCD screen of my Canon camera, makes me happy as well. I know some if not most ladies dream or wishes to have a photo similar to those they see on Victoria’s Secret catalog. I want to give them the opportunity to have that kind of a photo for keepsake.

Yes this kind of photography is not for everyones appreciation. It is often times frown upon by the older generation as taboo. For me giving a woman a way to boost her self-confidence is a noble cause.  If a woman is empowered and has high self confidence, she will make better decisions in her life.

For your own photo session, you make contact me through my Facebook page or through my website’s Contact page.

All photos were taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III + Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM.

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