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Bodyscape or low key body photography has always been one of my favorite themes when shooting artistic nudes. Whenever I have a model who is open to shooting artistic nude concepts I would always ask if we can do bodyscapes. I always like to highlight the beauty of the female form and bodyscape is one great way to do that.

Bodyscape as icebreaker

A low key body photography or bodyscape pose

I would often start my artistic nude photo session with bodyscape. It helps the model especially those new to artistic nude to ease the tension or relieve inhibitions. Even models who are into nude or figure study photography would not feel at ease if you are working with them for the first time. Standing poses are always the first before seated or lying down poses if ever we go to that extent. Standing poses still gives the model control, making them more comfortable.

On my part as the photographer having them start with standing poses gets me to have eye contact with them. So easier for me to give out instructions or throw some jokes to ease the tension on the set. I like my set to be comfortable and relaxed.


Before I would start my session I would ask a model or the client what part of her body she wants highlighted and what part should not be. Knowing this helps me on with my shot selection throughout the whole bodyscape session. View the rest of the shots in this series on my portfolio page or click here.

If you need help in posing and directing women this is a great book, The Art of Posing and Directing Women available on Photowhoa. Get it at a discounted rate of $19 by using this link, Usually sells at $39.99.