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Maternity Boudoir

I did my first maternity boudoir with my model friend about a month ago here in my studio. From the time my friend knew she’s pregnant, she asked me if we can do a maternity boudoir photo shoot. I always wanted to have one for my portfolio but never had the time to do it. Besides the fact that she is my friend.

The joys of being pregnant.

The joys of being pregnant.

Maternity photography

Maternity photography is not new and has been traditional. You know those photos with the mother having her hands on the baby bump, father touching her wife’s tummy, etc. Those photos are fine as they capture those wonderful moments. I have nothing against it but it doesn’t capture the beauty of an expecting mother. Pregnant women most of the time thinks that pregnancy makes them less alluring. Having a maternity boudoir session can help overcome that thought. Though I suggest you have one with a professional. You need someone who knows the right lighting, correct angles that would show you at your best.

Photo session

For me the best time to shoot a maternity boudoir is at about 7 months. So on my friend’s 7th month we scheduled her photo session. I had prepared the set and the lighting that we will be using during the shoot before she arrived. I wanted this session to run smooth and not dragged on considering her delicate condition. Us being friends and having done boudoir photo shoots with her before made her feel comfortable. I think that really helped as we did the shoot in about 30 minutes as we both had the shots that we wanted.

Not for everyone

I agree that not everyone sees it the same way. Even if you are not the type of person who would frame one and hang it on a wall, it is an amazing way to remind yourself of that time. You will always have them as a reminder when you have that amazing body during pregnancy. So if you ever decide to have a maternity boudoir photo shoot, you may get in touch with me through the contact page. You may also send me a private message on my Facebook page.