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Even under the heat of the midday sun, the cottage man still can smile for the camera.

This has been a long time coming. I’ve been planning to launch a redesigned Istik Online but I think now that I am more into photography, it would be more appropriate to start from scratch and launch it as a new website. I used to write about anything that I am interested with, this time I will be writing more about topics and my experiences with photography. The website is still fluid in its structure as I am slowly adding items and features to it so you might notice changes from time to time.

Transition to photography

Let’s start with how I transitioned from Istik, the web designer to Istik, the photographer. Even as a child I was always astounded by beautiful photographs of people and places but back then photography was an expensive hobby. My dad used to have that Kodak Instamatic camera that you load with film. My mom bought an Olympus film camera to replace the Instamatic, still a point-and-shoot camera but it was an upgrade. No one was allowed to use the camera except my parents. After that got broken, my parents didn’t bother to buy a new one as most of the finances goes to our education. So that was it, no more camera, no more photos.

Film to Digital

Years passed and digital format became the norm for photography. Cameras are still expensive but photography became more affordable with the advent of mobile phone photography. My first one was a Sony-Ericsson W800 with a 2MP rear camera, then came the Nokia N8 with its 12MP rear camera. Now here comes Apple with their iPhone 4S and that was whenit really got interesting. I started taking photos of people, places and scenes that caught my eye. For those who have been following my blog back when it was still Istik Online you would know this. My photographs with the iPhone even got the nod of the CEO of olloclip enough for them to send me their lenses and cases for the iPhone 4s and even when I upgraded to the 5s, all for free. All I need to do was to use their hashtag whenever I upload on social media.


I was contented with iPhoneography or iPhone photography but my high school principal gave me an advice or challenge to level up and get myself a DSLR camera. I did but was at that time deciding if I should go for a Nikon or Canon. My friend who uses a Nikon DSLR said I should get a Canon camera since its interface is easier to understand. Up to this day I am still using all Canon cameras and lenses.


If you are wondering what is the connection of the photo that came with this post, that photo won for me Canon ImageNation’s Travel Photography Photo Contest last 2016. Since then I took photography seriously.  You can read more about it here. Though I can’t afford to get formal studies or workshop, I was lucky enough that last year Canon Philippines was giving half-day workshops conducted by their brand ambassadors. I also took some online classes, bought myself photography books and practiced whatever I learned.