SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) – Week 2 of Project 52

Straight out of camera, no editing, no Photoshop!

What?! No editing? No Photoshop? You must be kidding! Quite a daunting task nowadays to post or print a photo without editing first, running it through Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom or even just your favorite mobile app, even just our selfies and group photos almost always gets digital editing in one form or another. The advent of digital photography made it easy for everyone to snap a photo and would automatically think that I can edit that later on my computer if not satisfied with the result. So can you imagine back in the film days the degree of difficulty of producing a well composed, properly exposed and correctly colored photograph?

Where in the world

Starting late last year after attending photography workshops under the famous celebrity photographer Raymund Isaac and back-to-back Camera Club of the Philippines Master Photographer of the Year Jijo De Guzman, both Canon Philippines brand ambassadors, I started to put into practice what they preached of trying your best to get everything right in camera and not think of the fact that I can correct it later in post process. At first it was really difficult since I was so used to editing my photos, since I started out as a graphic artist, then a web designer before I tried photography. The one fact that both great photographers said that really pushed me to strive to get great results out of the camera was what if you have hundreds of photos, are you going to run those all through an editing software? How many hours or days that would take you?


I never really thought of it that way and I always thought that since everything is digital, running your photos through an editing software or app to make corrections is the norm. So now when I do a photo shoot or cover an event, I would try my very best to get everything right in camera and what a difference that made. Imagine the number of hours or even days that I can now use for other tasks.

I encourage anyone to try to challenge yourself to get everything right from the camera.

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