Happy New Year!

Welcome to Photography by Istik!

I thought of changing the title of the site from Istik Online to Photography by Istik as it is more appropriate since this will now be the venue of sharing my photography. Yes there are social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter which I also have but they have very strict  rules about any form of nudity apart from those who for just the hell of it would report your post and gets you locked out of your account even if you hadn’t broken any of the rules. For post that are not safe for the workplace, I will add the tag NSFW to serve as a warning.


Which way is up?

So what should you expect from this blog and why you should follow it?

There is the 52-week photography project that I will be doing this year with some of my friends who are also into photography, so you can expect a post each week focusing on a particular photography topic and I hope that by sharing it with the followers of this blog, they would also get to learn something out of it. The first one will be about the Rules of Third, the most basic form of composition and the first one that most photographers will learn. From time to time I would also be posting an article that is not necessarily a part of the project but still related to photography, that I think is great and should be shared with those who follow this blog. As photography is very broad subject expect something from beauty, fashion, glamour, intimate portraiture to fine-art nudes.

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