Landscape Project 52

Land – Week 3 of Project 52

January 26, 2017

As part of the Project 52 that I joined for this year, week 3 calls for drawing your inspiration from anything related to land, be it a landscape or an image inspired by the land in some way. Living in the middle of the Central Business District of the Philippines made it difficult for me as all I can shoot here are cityscapes. Luckily I got a call from a prospective client to do an ocular inspection of their new bed & breakfast hotel in Tagaytay. So I thought after my meeting I would just find a spot to get a shot of the Taal Volcano and the surrounding Taal Lake, but as it turned out I didn’t even need to do that. Click on the Read More link to know why. Continue Reading

Project 52

Rules of Third – Week 1 of Project 52

January 9, 2017

The Rules of Third is the most basic of all and the first that photographers learn on compositional rules. While others have seen it on their smartphones or digital cameras, they don’t know what it is…


Happy New Year!

December 31, 2016

Welcome to Photography by Istik! I thought of changing the title of the site from Istik Online to Photography by Istik as it is more appropriate since this will now be the venue of sharing my…